Choose the Right Jewellery for a Gift

Giving Jewellery as a gift for special occasions is a time-honoured tradition that never fails to delight. If you do your proper homework there are plenty of options out there for choosing the right jewellery gift.  I want to take a moment now, before mothers day – craze kicks in and try to give a little helpful advice on how to choose the right Jewellery for your friend or loved one this gifting month for mothers. Check out this advice and we promise to steer you in the right direction!

The main things to keep in mind when shopping solo for a jewelry gift are:

Occasion– If she doesn’t go to fancy special events often there is no point in buying a piece she wont be able to wear except once in a blue moon. We ladies love to wear our jewellery!

Special Meaning/Symbolism– Selecting something symbolic of an occasion or relationship can add another layer of value to your gift.

Focus on HER– Just because you like it doesn’t mean that she will. Pay attention to what she likes to look at when out shopping together or by taking note on what she wears in her daily life. Scope out her Jewellery box if you can do it without being creepy!

Check With Her Friends – We ladies know what our friends like to wear. Ask to send a few pictures of pieces you are considering buying just to make sure you are on the right track.

Here are a series of questions I ask my customers that you can use to help hone in on some options:

  • Are you looking for something that she can wear everyday or on special occasions?
  • Does she tend to wear Yellow Gold or Silver/White Gold pieces?
  • Does she like dainty, understated jewellery OR bolder statement-making pieces?
  • Does she have an outgoing fashion style or reserved/tailored style?
  • Earrings: does she wear studs or big dangle earrings?
  • Rings: Do you know her size, or if not, can the ring be resized or exchange to fit her?

If you follow the advice here though we think your gift will be a big hit!