Tangled Jewellery

Jewellery Clutter

Today we are tackling jewellery

Our precious accessories often end up lying around everywhere, tangled up in a mess or misplaced.
Unfortunately, those statement necklaces and chunky bracelets don’t always fit in standard jewellery boxes.
This means we need to get creative with storage ideas.

Here are some ways to organise your jewellery and put your baubles and bling on display.

1. Look through your miscellaneous kitchen items and choose an assortment of small dishes,
pretty bowls or teacups to keep your small jewellery in.

2. Use trays of assorted sizes or even sturdy shoe box lids to organise your jewellery.
Place necklaces in one tray, bracelets in another and so on. Stack the trays together
to create a small tower to place on a dresser or insert into a drawer.

3. A paper towel stand is a cheap and simple technique to keep bracelets,
particularly bangles, in one place. Slide one on top of another to create a pretty
decorative on top of a dresser.

4. Mount a short curtain rod to a wall or inside a cupboard and hang scarves and long
necklaces on drapery hooks.

5. Store your jewellery in boxes with clear compartments. This way each piece of jewellery
gets their own space. No more spending hours untangling necklace chains!

Organise Jewellery