Little Jewellery Tips

Little Jewellery Tips

Do you struggle to fit an earring through the hole in your ear?

Being in the jewellery industry for many years, there are simple things that people can change to make using and wearing their jewellery an easier and more pleasant experience.

This is a common morning scenario …

Little Jewellery Tips

You jump up in the morning after pressing the snooze button (in my case numerous times) and stumble blindly to get ready in a rush.
Your make-up is done, you are dressed and the last thing to do is put your earrings on.
You move closer to the mirror, take your earring and start fumbling in vain pulling your earlobe down to slide the earring in the front hole and the endless wiggle starts!  Stretching your now red earlobe longer and longer till you eventually find the back opening.
Totally flustered and frustrated, you now try to proceed to do the other ear.

Does this sound familiar?

Well, there is a very simple solution!

Even if your hole has been pierced skew. Do NOT pull the earlobe while trying to wiggle the earring through the hole, just hold the earring and gently apply pressure, it will follow the hole through your ear.

Little Jewellery Tips

If the hole at the back has closed slightly, try putting the earring in from the back hole. This will unblock the hole when you try the earring from the front again, it should glide through easily.

I hope these simple tips help simplify your life a little.
Post any questions or if you have great tips to empart, we would love to hear.

Love and light